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Starpower Management Signs Smoke N Burn, Featuring Daughter of Former Vice President Al Gore and Tipper Gore, Laine Maiani, and Patrick Maiani, and Rick Maiani.
04:24 May 4, 2015
Tracy Reiner and other stars from the hit film A League of Their Own visits Chicago to salute the film, 23 years later, at the much loved Hollywood Show.
15:48 May 2, 2015
Clarence Page, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and TV political pundit talks with Kam Williams about his life, career and his Culture Worrier essays.
16:19 Mar 10, 2015
Northern Illinois University awarded the 2014 Marathon Mid-American Conference Championship game trophy for besting Bowling Green State University, 51-17.
06:44 Dec 7, 2014
The Hollywood Sentinel pays tribute here to stars that have passed on in 2013 and 2014, among more.
05:59 Oct 31, 2014
The Chicago Actors Studio; which has turned out many stars, is discussed here by The Hollywood Sentinel.
08:40 Oct 29, 2014
Bruce Edwin is giving here the countdown of the Top 10 Hottest Models (new faces) of our time.
04:56 May 5, 2014
Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers is remembered here in this tribute by music veteran Bruce Edwin of subnormal magazine and The Hollywood Sentinel.
09:06 Feb 25, 2014
Producer and Talent manager Bruce Edwin of Starpower Management gives free advice here to an aspiring actor on what to do when he first arrives to Hollywood.
14:21 Jan 11, 2014
Model and Talent Manager Bruce Edwin of Starpower Management reports here on The Top 10 Hottest New Faces of Our Time in the world of modeling in this story from The Hollywood Sentinel, featuring the first girl in the countdown.
03:30 Jan 10, 2014
Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel reports here on the Los Angeles Art Scene in California, how to navigate it, and where to go.
18:59 Jan 6, 2014
Talent manager and producer Bruce Edwin of Starpower Management gives free advice to musicians and singers here on how to succeed in the music business, from The Hollywood Sentinel.
02:47 Jan 3, 2014
Hollywood's visual effects master Dan Santoni raises the bar in the world of photography, reports Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel in this story concerning the image makers creative genius.
12:26 Jan 1, 2014
The Hollywood Sentinel's 2014 new year issue is now out, featuring 12 Years A Slave, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Golden Globes, L.A. Art, and much more, as detained in this article.
21:17 Dec 26, 2013
Bruce Edwin, CEO of Starpower Management, producer, and founding publisher of The Hollywood Sentinel gives models and talent free advice on how to succeed in Hollywood.
01:41 Dec 18, 2013
The Hunger Games; Catching Fire is discussed in detail by The Hollywood Sentinel, including photo, cast and music.
05:46 Dec 15, 2013
Moira Cue here discusses some of the best new art in Los Angeles in this ongoing, lauded feature from The Hollywood Sentinel.
22:56 Nov 25, 2013
Dwight Cleveland, owner of the largest movie poster collection in the world, discusses here his collection, which is now for sale, in this exclusive interview with The Hollywood Sentinel.
11:45 Nov 21, 2013
Twenty-five years after Dann's rampage and eight years after Ross', violent criminals still sail through background checks, including those who threaten to kill. F
12:48 Nov 9, 2013
The Hollywood Sentinel has released its exciting new issue this week featuring an exclusive interview with friend of famed surrealist artist Salvador Dali, among much more.
18:08 Nov 3, 2013

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