Thursday, August 17, 2017

General Information about Trekking in Nepal

Natural beauty in Nepal fascinates tourists all over the world. It is a mixture of myriad traditions and cultures. Apart from Jungle Safari, Helicopter...

Gazumping rates across Britain are on the rise and London is...

Data over the last two years reveals gazumping rates are increasing across Britain along with rising market values. Only 13 percent of buyers were...





Seduction by J. R. LaGreca

Romance, Passion, Intrigue, and a surprise ending in another novel by J. R. LaGreca. Compelling and a true page turner will lead the adult reader into the realm of fantasy and a love story that will keep your interest.
Divorce Cost

Average Cost of Divorce in the United States (and Cost of Marriage)

The average cost of a wedding in the United Sates is $28,000. That's a lot of money to spend when you consider that many...
Grey long-eared bats hanging on a branch of a tree.

European Bats In Danger of Extinction In A Warming Climate

Population of European Bats Endangered A warming climate would not only wreak havoc on humans but also take endangered species in Europe to the brink...
baby interacting: infants are keen observers.

Amazing Facts About Babies: Infants Are Keen Observers of Individual’s Preferences

Babies Know What We Like Best Babies are not only cute, they are also amazing social statisticians. And infants are keen observers of what is...
shelter dog.

Florida Filmmaker Creating Animal-Saving Commercial

The suffering of animals is an issue that mainstream media have been ignoring forever. The limited number of shelters for millions of homeless or...
Cats vs Dogs.

Cats vs Dogs: Which is Best (Play, Cost, Loyalty, Bites)

In the war of cats vs dogs, I used to be firmly on the side of man's best friend. I grew up with hamsters,...


Common Online Scams and Why People Fall for Them

I recently helped to setup a website by the name of You-Reviews, the purpose of which was to provide reviews for an array of...