My Bloody Valentine 3D Special 2-Disc Edition DVD Review


It seems that coal miners can go postal too, and we’re not just talking occupational hazards. My Bloody Valentine, the retro-homage to vintage screen gore, arrves on DVD serving up home entertainment 3-D enhanced chills, with stylish camp.

A remake of the 1981 literally underground coal country serial slasher outing, My Bloody Valentine is directed by Canadian filmmaker Patrick Lussier, who sharpened his skills, so to speak, editing for homicidal maniac maven, Wes Craven. With an imagination on the overactive and unhealthy side himself, Lussier goes for broke getting pathologically creative when it comes to bleeding hearts and mistreated midgets, don’t ask.

The story unfolds in the community of Harmony, where miner Harry Warden (Rich Walters) falls into a coma following a deadly tunnel disaster. Awakening long afterwards with possibly a nasty grudge, anger mismanagement or a bad migraine, Warden goes on a killing rampage and then disappears into the mine. When local teens show up to party underground one night, Warden crashes the festivities suited up in full gear, and hacks most of them into the afterlife. But he’s tracked down, executed on the spot, and buried in the woods.

Yeats later, Tom (Jensen Ackles) one of the teen survivors and son of the mine owner, comes back to a most unwelcoming town, to sell off and close the mine. Soon afterwards, Harry Warden, even more unwelcome than Tom, appears to have returned from the grave to once again wreak havoc on the locals, with a thing for that particular holiday.

Unfortunately for the victims, that maladjusted miner will grab your heart. While My Bloody Valentine takes gore in a few inventive directions, and it’s not just the living room 3-D.


Rated R

DVD Features:

Disc One

Feature Film in 3D, with four pairs of DVD glasses; Audio Commentary with director Patrcik Lussier

Disc Two

Deleted and Extended Scenes

Alternate Ending

Gag Reel


Sex, Blood and Screams

Deep Inside My Bloody Valentine

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