Jeff McBride – A Master of Magic and Martial Arts


Jeff McBride is a true master-illusionist. He lives in Las Vegas and has performed at several major hotels, including Caesar’s Palace.

McBride, who has traveled throughout the world performing his unique style of magic, was influenced by the Asian culture. He has been a student of martial arts since he was eight. He uses masks as part of his performances. Some of them are very elaborate and create wonderful illusions.

McBride has a Virtual Mystery School. During McBride’s recent live broadcast on, the chat room broke all records.


McBride believes in the importance of mastery. What is the way to achieve mastery?

The path to mastery is explained by George Leonard, one of the many magicians McBride respects and philosophically agrees with.

Leonard states that one should not require the magician to be “dead serious.”

Understanding the joy of it, while being willing to see just how far you can go is the “self-surpassing quality that we human beings are stuck with,” he adds.


“Evolution is a whole, long story of mastery; it’s being real, it’s being human, it’s being who we are,” stated Leonard.

McBride’s magic school continues to elevate its teachings. In May 2009, Master Diaz, one of McBride’s students, participated in the Guinness Book of World Records’ Break-a-thon. Master Diaz began the ceremony by breaking the first board at the martial arts tournament where the record of 70,000 broken boards was set. The event took place at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

Diaz was the first magic martial artist ever to win a first-place trophy after performing his blend of Kung Fu and illusions.

Master Diaz
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