Controversial Author Wants His Own Book Banned


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Today controversial Author and Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad issued a warning via twitter telling fans worldwide NOT to buy his new book “Conjuring.”

Muhammad says in the book’s description section that this new book was inspired by “Dark Forces.” King Muhammad is known worldwide for his controversial stance on lesbianism, and his newly formed religion of power.

That is why it is mindboggling that a man known for creating a religion based around the idea of making money would tell readers NOT to buy his work. Could this warning be just another ploy to stir controversy, or could this new book actually be as “spiritually dangerous” as he claims it to be?

Although this Prophet Muhammad is not Muslim, the Prophet of Islam had a similar experience of being compelled by Satan in the controversial writings known as “The Satanic Verses.” We at Newsblaze have followed the progression of King Muhammad’s writing career for years. And it is impossible not to notice the similarities in both the Prophet of Islam and this new Prophet of Power.

And the Question must be asked, are we witnessing history repeat itself with this new Prophet Muhammad? Or are we witnessing the rise of a copycat? In any event, if this Prophet warns his own followers NOT to buy his book – we at Newsblaze advise our readers to do the same.

( Note : ) Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad is the author of the highly successful underground books The Lesbian Bible, The Book of Power and The Republican Messiah.

In February, we reported on King Nazir Muhammad: The Most Hated Man in The World Among Heterosexual Men. This was the story that reported on “The Lesbian Bible” book. Muhammad said this book was “The Formula” for creating lesbians around the world, a way to curb violence everywhere.

Then, in March, we reported on his religion of power, in the story “New Religion Calls on Followers to Gamble.” Muhammad told us then “This Religion was revealed to me as good news and hope for the poor – who are 75% black in America. And under my system, I believe if one feels lucky because of who they are, then that spirit will bring them luck.”

The main goal of this new religion is to help anyone down on their luck to change their lives, gain a sense of hope and become financially stable.

So now, after all of this, he has created and published a fourth controversial book. A book so controversial that he now wants to ban it! What is he up to?

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