Author Returns Alive From California ‘I’m Not Dead, Yet’ Tour


With over 420 copies of his new novel, “The Altar Boys,” sold at the Borders Books store an Fair Oaks Blvd. alone, rumor has it that local author John Poswall is out-selling some of the biggest names in America.

Poswall’s “I’m not dead, yet” Borders Book tour of California was a resounding success as he parlayed that into a tour of Nevada last week.

Poswall appears at the Folsom Borders this Saturday and Elk Grove Borders on Sunday for Father’s Day weekend.

Setting up at the Borders Books store an Fair Oaks Blvd, on Saturday morning, Poswall was pleased to see one of his old friends come to watch him perform at the book signing. The first to arrive was Robert J. Binns. – see the video.

John Poswall is author of the novels “The Altar Boys” and “The Lawyers.”

To follow the “I’m not dead, yet” book tour, go to and click on the Book Tour link.

While on his “I’m not dead, yet” California Book Tour of Altar Boys, Poswall confirmed that he finally beat John Lescroart.

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