Localization LLC Translations Expand To New Boston, New England Markets


As more local businesses stretch to reach new audiences, many see translation as a needed feature for their products.

Localization LLC Translations says their Medical Translation and Interpreting services has grown by 35 percent in the past year alone, so the company has opened a second location, in Boston, Massachusetts. The new office at One Boston Place (201 Washington Street, Suite 2600), is the result of “the expanding need for translation and language service in today’s challenging business market,” the company says.

Localization LLC, a Certified translation and transcription service, says their business has expanded as law firms, government agencies, and medical companies look for reliable and confidential services to reach out to new international markets.

Medical Translation and Interpreting services alone have grown 35 percent in the past year, as more and more local businesses realize the need for reaching a new audience.

The new Localization LLC Translations office will also add several new language services for the Boston business community. As well as offer certified translation and transcription services in over 50 languages, they are adding consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese.

In a press release, the company said:

To introduce the company and its new services to Boston, Localization LLC Translations will be offering a 15 percent discount to new clients in the area, and will be meeting with local business leaders and government agencies over the next few months, helping introduce the idea of marketing, translation, interpreting and transcription, as well as continuing with linguistic research & development to solve some of the communication challenges faced by organizations and individuals in today’s global economy.

The full service translation company still has its original office in Cleveland, Ohio, from which it provides language services to clients in Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., San-Francisco, London, Mexico City and Paris.

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