EV1servers Launches New Generation Website


EV1servers Highlight Solutions Designed for Customers

Houston, Texas hosting company, EV1Servers.net launched their newest generation website, highlighting Ready-To-Go Servers, Server Command account control and customizable solutions for any genre.

In addition, the site features Turnkey Solutions that allow their customers to build “robust and scalable hosting solutions that are big enough, strong enough, safe enough and just generally awesome enough to make the wildest dreams a reality.”

“Our new site design was undertaken to highlight the solutions designed for our past and present Customers and visitors to EV1Servers.net will experience easier navigation and a cleaner user interface,” said Shay Luedeke, Manager of Information Systems for EV1Servers.

NewsBlaze Daily News is slightly biased here, because we host at EV1servers and can attest to great customer service – and in our case, 100% availability and uptime over the past 2 years.

The Low Cost Domains website is also hosted at EV1Servers because of the uptime record.

The new EV1 Servers website can be seen at www.ev1servers.net

Note: ev1servers is now Softlayer, an IBM company.

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