Eclectic Media PR Announces New Talents and Promotions


Eclectic Media PR is once again announcing promotions and additions to its growing team of top shelf talent. The company is pleased to report the promotions of Don Bischoff as Chief Communications Manager and Tony Cutillo as Executive Creative Director.

Don has interfaced with all facets of the organization learning the art of delicately communicating to those that need timely information. His duties will now involve the articulate dealings on an everyday basis within booking and coordination. In this business of breaking news alerts and constant communication, he continues to provide an infectious attitude that garners the attention of everyone involved.

In another deserving promotion, Tony Cutillo has worked his way up the corporate ladder by accepting the role of Extreme Creative Director. Since joining Eclectic Media PR, Tony has used his writing style to adapt well to the fast pace of the PR business. He has shown the dedication and drive necessary to establish Eclectic Media PR as a growing force amongst the media industry.

Eclectic Media PR President, Shannon Rose, states, “Don and Tony have been great additions to my staff and I am blessed to have people as devoted as these two are to the business….I thought I was the only that worked 24/7 but now I know that I am not alone in the dedication to our clients.”

Eclectic Media PR was formed by Shannon Rose in 2007. The company’s primary purpose is to provide their clients with the best in PR, and website administration. Eclectic Media PR is an independent public relations and marketing firm who provides strategic marketing, PR services, communications planning, and media outreach.

Eclectic Media PR is committed to delivering insightful press releases, outstanding execution, positive results, reliable service, and they strive to develop long-term client relationships.

“The word eclectic is in our name. We serve clients in all areas of business, the arts, entertainment, politics, you name it. We are the One Stop Source of all entertainment!”