E-Cigarette Advertising Gets a Boost In the UK


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Recently, the UK announced some new measures surrounding the advertising of e-cigarettes, which will give sellers of the product more freedom to advertise in the market place.

Since the announcement hit the public, TV viewers are expecting to see a flood of various e-cig brands to be shown regularly.

Since e-cigarette smoking is not as hazardous as tobacco smoking, the Committee of Advertising Practice that takes care of advertising codes in the UK decided to go easy on the item. In the past, the committee placed strict laws on tobacco companies limiting their marketing rights. However, with e-cigs they are sending a clear message to sellers that they want them to advertise as much as they want to.

Allowing sellers to advertise e-cigs much over tobacco is a way of inviting the public to turn to e-cigarette smoking over traditional tobacco smoking clearly for health reasons. Experts in the tobacco industry are of the opinion that smokers are less prone to get heart disease, lung cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes from smoking e-cigs. In addition, they argue that e-cigs are less risk to children’s health as well. The new rules implemented by the Committee of Advertising Practice are taking steps to ensure that under age children are not targeted by certain advertisements placed on TV by e-cigarette sellers.

E-cig companies that are looking forward to increase sales by taking advantage of demand and supply curves are often finding themselves in serious competition in the market. With the industry booming, such companies must strategize to find a formula that will give them the upper hand. New companies in the business must make a decision to go forward, regardless of what it might takes to get the items reaching consumers’ hands and one such company that is selling JacVapour products in the UK market is making it an easy process for shoppers to find the right brand of e-cigarette.

UK smoking laws are keeping in line with other countries that are also boosting advertising as well as the sales of e-cigs to end users. MarkTen, a large tobacco company based in the US went about spreading the word to consumers saying, “Nicotine is addictive and habit forming, and is very toxic by inhalation, in contact with the skin or if swallowed.” While traditional tobacco has to burn leaves to produce smoke, e-cigs only have to heat enough nicotine substance to produce vape.

While some places are cutting back on selling traditional tobacco, most are hoping to make good sales by selling e-cigarettes. The cost for smoking traditional tobacco can run up to more than two thousand pounds per year. Yet, an e-cig smoker can expect to spend a little over 500 pounds per year. The difference is huge and this is why many smokers are turning to e-cigs.

To all concerned, the safety of e-cigarette products is still under intense discussion by top players in the tobacco industry. One very important question on the minds of those discussing the future of e-cigarette is whether the e-products are helping ardent smokers overcome their nicotine addiction.

The new advertising laws in the UK market can give e-cigarettes sellers a boost. However, there should still be a limit placed on how far e-cigarette advertisers can go and if rules are not kept by advertisers of the e-product then the Committee of Advertising Practice should have the right to discipline such persons who break those advertising rules.