California Election Results – One Down, Two to Go


Folsom Chamber Government Affairs Committee Election Results

The first of three statewide election days are history. Don’t lose heart if you didn’t vote – there will be two more times this year you can exercise your right to vote.

Mark Tuesday, June 3rd and Tuesday, November 4th on your calendars!

Voter turnout in Sacramento County was 41.95 percent with Democrats turning out at 56.86 percent and Republicans at 43.35 percent. Turnout throughout the state is projected to be at 56 percent. California has 15.7 million registered voters.

The record for number of votes in a California presidential primary is 7.8 million, which was set in 2000. The highest turnout percentage for a California presidential primary was set in 1976, when 72.6 percent voted. Nearly 1 in 4 voters or 2.3 million voters submitted absentee ballots in this primary.

The Government Affairs Committee created this simple breakdown of the election results. Contact them for additional information if required.

Number & Title State of California Sacramento County
Yes No Yes No
Transportation Funds
41.9 58.1 40.02 59.98
Community College Funding
42.7 57.3 41.68 58.32
Legislative Term Limits
46.4 53.6 41.89 58.11
Amendment to Indian Gaming Compact
55.9 44.1 50.73 49.27
Amendment to Indian Gaming Compact
56.0 44.0 50.80 49.20
Amendment to Indian Gaming Compact
55.8 44.2 50.72 49.28
Amendment to Indian Gaming Compact
55.9 44.0 50.72 49.28
Presidential Primary Information
Party Candidate California Sacramento Folsom
Clinton 52 46.14 45
Obama 42 47.8 48
McCain 42 40.02 39.2
Romney 34.1 37.72 39.4
Huckabee 11.6 10.89 9.0

There will be a number of important issues on the June Primary ballot. This election will cover local, state assembly and senate races as well as congressional primaries. Several measures have or will also qualify for your consideration in June.

Government Affairs will keep readers up-to-date on initiatives, referendums, candidates, measures and more throughout the coming months.

The Government Affairs Committee ensures that the voice of business is heard at all levels of government. To that end, the committee asks Chamber members to do their part and make sure they and their employees are all registered to vote.

Government Affairs meets the third Friday of the month at 7:30 am in the Ambassador Room of the Chamber. Please contact Diann Rogers, Government Affairs Manager, [email protected] or 916-638-8995 if you have questions or are interested in the work of the committee.

Source: Folsom Chamber of Commerce

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