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Making Work Easier For NewsBlaze Editors

Quite a few NewsBlaze writers either don’t have time to access the story editor system or they find it hard from where they are. – Some are in Asia, where internet connectivity isn’t always great.

So we get a lot of submissions by email. About 6 years ago, we wrote a processing program that picked up those emails, extracted any images and text, and added the story into the story editor, adding their byline, setting up what it thought was the headline, resizing and embedding the images, and attaching it to their account ID.

It worked very well, but as more were added, the system became trickier to administer.

So this week, I rewrote part of the code and now it works better than before and it is simple to add new writers to the system.

So that should save the editors a bit of time on some of the stories by reducing keystrokes needed to get set up.

Yes, I know, “Its about time I did something for the editors.”

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