Monday, August 29, 2016
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As an analyst and researcher for the PI industry and a business consultant, Clarence Walker is a veteran writer, crime reporter and investigative journalist. He began his writing career with New York-based True Crime Magazines in Houston Texas in 1983. As a writer for True Crime, Walker published over 300 feature stories. Then he wrote for the Houston Chronicle (This Week Neighborhood News and Op-Eds) including freelancing for Houston Forward Times. Subsequently Walker began working as a paralegal for a reputable law firm while writing for National Law Journal, a publication devoted to legal issues and major court decisions. As a journalist writing for internet publishers, Walker's work can be found at American, Gangster Inc., Drug War Chronicle, Drug War101 and Alternet. Riding the wave of publishing success, six of Walker's crime articles were re-published into a paperback series published by Pinnacle Books. One book titled: Crimes Of The Rich And Famous, edited by Rose Mandelsburg, garnered considerable favorable ratings. Gale Publisher also re-published a story into its paperback series that he wrote about the Mob: Is the Mafia Still a Force in America? Meanwhile this dedicated journalist wrote criminal justice issues and crime pieces for John Walsh's America's Most Wanted Crime Magazine, a companion to Walsh blockbuster AMW show. If not working PI cases and providing business intelligence to business owners, Walker operates a writing service for clients, then serves as a crime historian guest for the Houston-based Channel 11TV show called the "Cold Case Murder Series" hosted by reporter Jeff McShan. Newsblaze affords Clarence Walker the opportunity to expand his writing abilities in politics, human interest and world events. Clarence Walker can be reached at: [email protected]

Michael Jackson Memorial Anniversary

And Other Stories of Celebrities' Drug-induced Deaths That Shocked the World Today, June 25th 2016, marks the seventh year anniversary of the death of 'Pop...

Weed Dealer Wins Illegal Search-Seizure Lawsuit: Cops Indicted

Weed dealer Joseph Sperling recently won a rare illegal search-seizure lawsuit against two Illinois police agencies. And for all his troubles, this confessed drug...

Tax Breaks Small Businesses Must Know About In 2016

New Tax Law Allows Business Owners To Claim Over $2 Million in Deductibles There is an old adage that says, "Don't mess with the IRS."...

Criminal Defense: Houston Drug Lawyer Cheryl E. Irvin

Have you or a loved one, or a friend ... been charged with illegal drug possession in Houston (Harris County) Texas, or been charged...

Your Money: Are Credit Unions Better Than Banks

Following the U.S. recession between 2008-2012, major Banks beared the stigma for America's financial crisis. While our government spent billions to bail out Banks...

Should Americans Rely On Polls to Predict Presidential Nomination?

Clarence Walker looks at the reliability of polls, as we get close to the Iowa caucuses, and front-runners hope the polls are right and those behind hope they are not.

2016 Investment Tips: Tax-deductible Profits: Invest IRA or 401K in Real...

Self-directed IRA or 401(K) funds are always sufficient for real estate investment purposes. It is up to the custodian as to what assets they will hold.

Use Social Media And Other Tips to Save Money On Christmas...

Find best holiday deals before Christmas. Brand name retailers offering up to 30 percent off on gift cards and other valuable merchandise.

Texas Law Allows Citizens To Seal Or Expunge Criminal Record From...

Clarence Walker, the NewsBlaze Legal Business Writer investigates the cases of people denied employment or a decent place to live because of a criminal record.

Credit Bureaus Reach Historic Settlement With Attorney General

The settlement came into effect under heavy pressure by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and reforms in Congress by U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.