Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Tim Martin is a Technology specialist, who gives us insights into the technology and software that helps us to get through our day. Technology is everywhere, an increasingly pervasive part of our lives. Tim helps us make sense of it in many ways.

Six Strikes Anti Piracy Policy Implemented By ISP’s

Starting this week the Six Strikes Anti Piracy Policy becomes active to reduce piracy and copyright infringement

HP Releasing Android Tablet for Lowest Price of $169

HP is introducing their Android Tablet, The Slate 7 Tablet for a very low price, the lowest price for a tablet to date.

HP Releases Officejet Pro X Printer – The Worlds Fastest Desktop...

According to Guinness World Records the HP Officejet Pro X is the fastest desktop printer to date

The Xbox: Where it started, where it is, where it may...

Xbox current figures and rumors for the next generation of the Xbox. So how is a 7+ year old console gaming system doing today?

YouTube To Be Blocked in Egypt

An Egyptian court ordered the suspension of YouTube for a month for broadcasting a film insulting the Prophet Mohammad

Father Bribes Daughter to Quit Facebook

Paul Baier, a research consultant in Boston, is paying his 14-year-old daughter $200 to quit Facebook until summer; smart parenting or poor parenting?

Why Are Kids Overweight Today?

Childhood obesity is out of control, and here is why! What has changed in the past 30 years? Who or what is to blame?

Go Daddy Reports Top Sales After Controversial Superbowl Commercial

The commercial labeled 'inappropiate' by millions of viewers helps Go Daddy cash in

Facebook ‘Brand’ Pages Not Considered Credible

A recent survey shows that Facebook 'Brand' pages are only considered credible by 4% of Americans within the age range of 15-25

US Postal Service To Discontinue Saturday Letter Deliveries

Today the US Postal Service has announced a new delivery schedule. No more Saturday deliveries.