Saturday, August 27, 2016
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Tanveer Jafri

Tanveer Jafri is an award-winning journalist and peace activist, based in India, covering communal harmony and social activities.

Assam Saddened By Death of Soccer Superstar Ronin Sangma

Sangma began his football career in 1977 as a sub junior player. His first appearance led the Karbi Anglong sub junior team to victory for two consecutive times.

Is Islam Equated With Terrorism?

The Muslim again replied in affirmative. The Jew got excited. He recited Kalma in front of the Muslim and after due process, got converted into a Muslim. Just after accepting Islam the converted Jew expressed his temptation to have alcohol

Minorities Unsafe in Pakistan

Pakistan's minorities which are being targeted include Shias, Ahmedias, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Pakistani Hindus visiting India often refuse to go back to their home country.

Pakistan in a Catch-22

The killing of Osama Bin Laden in a raid by the US Navy SEALs in Abbottabad, near Islamabad did not only widen the rift between the US & Pakistan, but also exposed the true nature of Pakistan's state policy vis-a-vis terrorism.

Iran Refuses to Bow Down

In recent days, rhetoric of war has escalated between the US and Iran. The US naval warship USS Lincoln is said to be moving towards the Persian Gulf.

What are The Limits of ‘Freedom of Expression’?

It is true that the concept of freedom of expression is so abstract that its usage not only hurt people's sentiments; at the same time, this tool of freedom is used to suppress others' freedom of speech.

Is Social Business a Remedy for a Poverty-Free Society?

Prof Yunus terms it as Social Business, a form of business that seeks to solve social problems. And his latest book describes all about 'the new kind of capitalism that serves humanity's most pressing needs'.

Is Iraq on The Verge of Civil War?

On 19th December, an Iraqi court issued an arrest warrant against Tariq Al Hashmi, the Vice-President of Iraq and the leader of the biggest Sunni party Iraqiya, on the charge of involvement in 'suspected terrorist activity.' Hearing this, Hashmi h

Condition of Madrasas Deteriorates in Pakistan

Apart from instilling extremism, students are indoctrinated against other religions and brainwashed to declare a war on the people of other communities. In these madrasas, children are taught the wrong definition of 'Jihad', and encouraged to bec

Martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussein Brings Glory to Islam

According to the Islamic history, in 680 AD or 1331 years ago, Yazid, the king of Shaam (present day Syria), asked Hussein for his recognition as a Muslim king, since at that time,