Monday, August 29, 2016
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Martha Rosenberg

Martha Rosenberg is the Investigative Health Correspondent for NewsBlaze. Martha illustrates many of her stories with relevant cartoons. She was staff cartoonist at Evanston Roundtable.

U.S. Pork Producers Use Offensive Jingle to Fight Declining Sales

On the week before the United States' Independence Day, U.S. pork producers rolled out a new ad campaign many find offensive. Sung to the...

Humor – The Joy of Apartment Living

Apartment living may be cool compared to living with your parents or in the dorm but when you're a full fledged adult it is...

Did US Drug Ads Increase the Incidence of Depression?

Depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD and mood and behavior conditions exist. Were they over-diagnosed and over-treated when the expensive pills were covered by patents?

Get Ready for Genetically Engineered and Cloned Animals on Your Dinner...

You don't have to love animals to be offended by the move toward Franken foods that violate consumer rights to know and threaten the balance of nature.

Is This Charity Good or Sleazy?

Helping the poor is a good thing, but helping them to get into deeper trouble than they are already in may be good for business for some charities.

Is the GM Salmon Approved by the FDA This Week Safe...

A Department of Animal Science PhD. made jokes about Whole Foods and the pure food movement. But most food scientists nothing funny about GM salmon.

Before Antibiotics, a Cut on Your Finger Could Kill You: Those...

How do you know if meat was grown with antibiotics? Martha Rosenberg says it is difficult to protect ourselves from Big Food's use of products that harm us.

Think the FDA is Too Tight With Industry? It Is Getting...

FDA advisory panels should include patient representatives to protect public interest, but too many doctors and researchers live on drug company stipends.

Is ‘Early intervention’ To Sell Childhood Drugs Ethical?

Given Seroquel and other strong drugs for bipolar disorder and ADHD at age two, Rebecca Riley was found dead at four. Treating toddlers with drugs has not abated.

Still Eating This Dangerous Growth Enhancer? US Pork Producers Are Removing...

A drug whose safety and initial approval were in question was given wide use in the US food supply, bit it is encouraging US pork producers are hearing consumers.