Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Ros Prynn is a NewsBlaze investigative reporter and editor, who writes on a range of topics. Contact her by writing to NewsBlaze, or at her milblog

Soldiers’ Angels needs YOU!

Right now, Soldiers' Angels has over 800 deployed heroes waiting to be 'adopted' by their very own Angel; heroes like this MP, who wrote the following letter to SA:

Santa to Make Pre-Christmas Eve Inspection of Santa Tracker Headquarters

Located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), has been in the business of tracking Santa on Christmas Eve for the past 50 years.

‘This wasn’t just stuff…’

It seems that because everything was about to be donated, Ferrara can't claim 'ownership'; therefore nothing that has been stolen is covered by her policy.

Winston Churchill: Needed More Than Ever Today

On this day in 1874, a child was born in England who would ultimately change the course of world history: Winston Churchill.

Mumbai: ‘Unless we stop it…’

The shooting in Mumbai (Bombay) is apparently over, and even as the blood still runs in the streets, political pundits and talking heads rush to declare the 'who, what, why, and how'.

Money Can’t Buy You Love

eHarmony is a Pasadena-based business started and owned by psychologist Neil Clark Warren, who is known for his mild-mannered television and radio advertisements.

Survivor Corps: Support for returning heroes

The toughest part for me was answering some of those existential questions, 'How am I going to go on from here, and how will I take care of my family?'

I do! Really, I do!

Many years ago, a Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, famously said: 'The State has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.'

Show ME The Money – and Stop the Emails

I made the mistake of writing to the Obama camp to share my opinion on something. Since that day, I have been getting at LEAST three emails a day asking me for money, and I am REALLY sick of it.