Saturday, September 23, 2017
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The Latter Day Iconoclast, Bill Schmalfeldt has seen enough. Retired from his duties as a writer-editor for the government, Bill now has nothing but time on his hands to write. Contact Bill through NewsBlaze.

Hell Hath No Fury like a Woman who Knows the REAL...

Roy Innis liked to portray himself as a tough guy. As one of the driving forces behind a Facebook page calling on people to intercept and destroy legally-signed petitions in the effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker,

Our Final Story at The One That Got Us Fired

Read this story as if you were reading it on, since that's how it was meant to be read.

Fired for Telling The Truth. Sit. Relax. I Have a Story...

Never in his 30+ years in journalism has the Latter Day Iconoclast ever been fired for telling the truth. Reporting on the Scott Walker recall effort did it, though.

If You Hide Behind Anonymity When Taking a Political Stance, You’re...

A group working against the recall of Governor Scott Walker is talking about gathering signed petitions and burning them. They are cowards

Charleston, S.C. Mayor Says ‘Yes’ to Klan and ‘No Way’ on...

He stood up to the KKK, yet he sicced his cops onto 10 kids in sleeping bags.

Why Right Wingers are Rushing to Bill Looman’s Defense?

They will support anyone, however filthy, however crooked, as long as there is sufficient hatred for Obama.

Looman’s ‘No Hiring Until Obama Gone’ Story Teaches Something Dark About...

Lesson #1: The corporate-owned mainstream media is satisfied rerunning press releases. If a story requires investigation, they just are not interested.

Was Bill Looman Involved in Botched Terror Plot in 2010?

A bit of Googling (we used to call it 'investigative reporting' indicates that Bill Looman of Waco, Ga., was involved in a plot to take over a Tennessee courthouse in 2010.

Bill Looman’s ‘No Hiring Until Obama’s Gone’ Signs Stir Controversy

A Georgia TV station drove all the way out to Bill Looman III's house to ask why liberals are picking on him. His 'aw shucks, I didn't say nuthin' bad' act might work in Georgia. But not here. Never here.

Beware the Evil Thawing in Your Refrigerator!

Noted islamaphobic bigot thinks you should boycott Butterball because their turkeys are slaughtered under the Muslim halal tradition and there's no warning label, although halal and kosher are essentially the same.