Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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Nehad Ismail

Nehad Ismail is a writer and broadcaster, who writes about issues related to the Middle East from his home in London.

Family of Marie Colvin Sues Assad for War Crimes

Just as the family of Marie Colvin has sued Assad for war crimes, the family of Dr. Abbas Khan must do the same. The Syr­ian regime of Bashar...

Signing of Nuclear Deal and Lifting of Sanctions Will Not Change...

The following are the words of the US Deputy National Security advisor Ben Rhodes – "Iran has not altered its posture on the global...

Casual Conversations in East Jerusalem

Having spent 10 days in May in the City of Jerusalem I can say now I am better informed about what the Arabs of...

To Save Aleppo, Turkey and Saudis Must Ignore Lame DuckThere Is...

‘Saudi Arabia and Turkey Must Ignore Obama and Do the Right Thing in Syria' The United States is apparently working on "specific initiatives" to reduce...

Damascus and Tehran Are the Real Axis of Terrorism

The Weekly Standard reported on 27 February 2015 that documents released by the Obama administration that were recovered from Osama bin Laden's compound in...

Why King Abdullah II Is Angry With Mr. Netanyahu

Nehad Ismail rebuts the letter by Nurit Greenger, Letter to King of Jordan, reminding Nurit of the facts as they exist now and not 2000 years ago.

‘Democratic Transitions’ Conversations with World Leaders: Book Review

Nehad Ismail reviews Democratic Transitions, an important book that makes a huge contribution to the subject of democracy, freedoms and human rights.

Prisoners of Geography: Book Review

The book deals with contemporary issues such as ISIS and how it is spreading geographically in Iraq and Syria. Geographical and political borders don't mean much to ISIS.

In Iran, The Regime Executes Women and Children

The mullahs regime condones and prescribes torture, on men, women and children, and the world powers think they can appease and negotiate with such monsters.

Why Don’t I Trust Ed Miliband With International Strategic Issues?

Ed Miliband should accept responsibility for hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria, because he prefers to play politics than to take action.