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Miv Evans is a British writer who relocated to Los Angeles in 2005. She has written 300+ film reviews and her debut novel was published in 2014.

Dark Horse – a Welsh Conqueror, Documentary Review

Dark Horse is a fairy tale about a cleaning lady who wanted a racehorse, the kind villagers who helped her buy one, and a...

OMAR, The Line Between Terrorist and Freedom Fighter

Hany Abu-Assad is a Palestinian filmmaker and, unsurprisingly, has some intriguing stories to tell. His lack of style might not be to everyone’s taste...

Eye in the Sky

This war story depicts violence at its most gentle; its most deadly and its most humane. Every choice that the characters make can be...

YOUTH – An Aging Experience

Surreal sequences instead of theme, and pretentious vinaigrettes replace what should be a slice-of-life experience. It is art house, without the art, tedious to watch.

The Danish Girl

This true story about a transgender man suffers badly from overkill. At two hours, it's too long; the music is too dramatic; the actors try too hard and there's much too much crying.

Where to Invade Next – No Docbuster from Moore

Where to Invade Next hops from one topic to another, never lets the audience know what it's about and, after two hours of cinematic navel gazing, it's unlikely they care.

The End of The Tour – a Bestselling Bomb

Despite mountains of dialogue, there's not a Twainesque insight to be found. This film has issues, serious issues, and they don't get better with time.

Cartel Land Movie Review: A Mexican Robin Hood Story

Mexican Robin Hood encourages the inhabitants of Mexico to rise up against the cartels that are aided by the corrupt Mexican government, as people die.

Serena Film Review: A Lawrence/Cooper Tragedy

Hollywood has a reputation for producing stories with Happy Endings, so how this dark tale slipped through the net I have no idea. Perhaps the industry is so enamored with the over-rated Cooper/Lawrence alliance that they decided anything goes.

Codebreaker Film Review: When Winning The War Isn’t Enough

This should be a story about achievement and patriotism and glory; but instead it's a tale of prejudice and castigation and ingratitude.