Monday, August 21, 2017
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Lloyd Marcus, the Unhyphenated American, is an optimistic, passionate man, who learned about life, respect and motivation from his father. He is a singer who uses his talent and drive to rally people around the constitution and independent conservative ideas. He likes people to think for themselves.

Obama Using Straw-Man Tactic to Con The American People

Another Obama Administration straw-man is its absurd 'Republican War on Women'. Talk about creating an enemy which does not exist, Democrats are calling the

Julianne Ortman Knows How to Get Things Done to Repeal Obamacare

During my research of Ortman, it was obvious that Ortman is a strategist. Excellent! We need more conservatives who know how to get things done, fighting alongside Sen.Ted Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee.

O’Reilly: Keep Those Right-On Commentaries Comin’ White Boy

Eric Holder and others on the left have been whining and arrogantly scolding us saying, 'We need an honest discussion about race in America.'

Deliver Us From Evil: Black Professor Spews Hate

Lloyd Marcus says it takes a sick mind to find racism in desiring that women not kill their babies. Black Senator, Elbert Guillory: Why I Am a Republican.

Tea Party Elated That RINO Republican Gabriel Gomez Lost

Why should liberal Massachusetts voters select a Democrat-Lite Gomez over a full-bodied Democrat, Ed Markey? Moderate Republicans thought six one, half dozen of the other and stayed home.

Are Conservatives Swiftly Becoming An Ever Increasingly ‘Silenced Majority’?

Patriots, our only hope for restoring America as founded is to put as many true conservatives in office as possible. We take back America one candidate, one race, at a time.

Sarah Palin Back to Defend Conservatives and The Tea Party

Palin boldly defends our side (conservatives and the Tea Party). We have been kicked around by the Left and the mainstream media with little to no push back.

Lawless Obama Regime Winning Majority in The House of Representatives?

Speaking of wicked queen Pelosi, Obama has declared that she will regain the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Tea Party Slams NAACP Chair Julian Bond’s Outrageous Allegations

The NAACP feels emboldened to lie about the tea party, confident that the mainstream media will not challenge them or demand proof of their outrageous allegations. MSM distributes NAACP lies.

Is The Tea Party The Only Hope for Restoring America?

Who are these Tea Party people, their profile? When I first began touring the country on Tea Party Express, the attendees were mostly middle-aged whites. Many, trying to be 'good people', voted for America's first black presidential candidate.