Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Global Poverty as Important as Paris Climate Accord

To the editor, Recently, there has been much talk about global climate change and how Trump ended America's participation in the Paris Climate Accord. While...

To Have a Loud Say About Israel, Try Living in Sderot...

An article in the recent Jewish Journal by several people including Rabbi Laura Geller is twisted in its message to say the least. ...

The Last Farewell: Iran Hangs More Young People

It's Thursday morning Nov. 24, In Karaj, a small city just off the Iranian capital city of Tehran. Just as the sun comes out,...

Bernie Sanders, The Anti-semitic Socialist

Dear editor, It is shocking that anyone who lives in a democratic society would vote for Bernie Sanders. His theories of the world are from...

The Favored Liberal Question For Republican Candidates, Without The Trickery

If Congress liberals offer a real tax and spend deal, Republican presidential candidates could be asked if they would accept - but it will never happen.

Obama, One-Worlders, Praise new Encyclical

Reader David Martin says Pope Francis has been poorly advised, allowing the United Nations to inform and direct his recent encyclical on global warming.

Children of Nepal Need Compassion and Love

Nepal lost uncountable monuments of historical importance, places of pride and Kathmandu has moved south a few feet. Children have lost their families and homes.

French Bigotry on Religion Triggers Charlie Hedbo Tragedy

Many see this as a trend of disenfranchised, antisocial misfits with no identity. We, the freedom lovers, paint them as narcissistic sociopathic orphans lacking empathy, and certainly there is some truth in the one sided approach.

WHO’s Polio Vaccination Causing Gross Human Rights Violations in Pakistan

The World Health Organization's polio vaccination program in Pakistan is causing gross human rights violations in the name of polio eradication.

Obama Says He Will Override The Will of American Voters?

A reader says President Obama needs to take High School Civics again. The Obama Caesar complex makes him think he is running an imperial presidency.