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Dr. Ravindra Kumar

Dr. Ravindra Kumar is an eminent writer, Indologist, political scientist and a former vice chancellor of Meerut University, India, who authored and edited over 100 works on great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and on various social-cultural issues.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Views on Democracy Unveiled

Along with freedom and justice, the third most important thing, which requires special mention in context of Gandhi's views on democracy, relates to fundamental rights of citizens.

‘Chaudhary Charan Singh’ a True Representative of Rural India

His commitment making public life and administration clean and honest, and policy of taking quick and impartial decisions, will also be cherished for a long. For this, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel remained his ideal.

Chaudhary Charan Singh: A Great Nationalist and the Voice of Rural...

It is true that politics always takes new dimensions in constantly changing situations of space and time. Politics is also considered as an art; it is accepted as a game of conveniences, compromises and adjustments etc.

Essentialism of Spirituality to Blossom Individual and the World

Spiritualism [of which spirituality is a prime attribute] is in fact the science of self-realization. It is also known as self spiritual science.

A Journey to Understanding Swami Vivekananda and The True Essence of...

Swami Vivekananda was one of the world's best known and leading elucidators of the Vedanta philosophy in both contemporary and modern periods.

World Peace Movement and The Voice of Youth

Mahatma Gandhi Foundation was established on October 2, 2002 by Mr. Harivadan Shah, a noble, enthusiastic and successful businessman from India.

Gandhi’s Imagination on Civil Society Focuses on ‘Live and Let Live’...

No hindrance to neighbour [Harmony and cooperation with others] The fourth feature of civil society of Gandhi's imagination, particularly having the statement of the Mahatma, quoted at the commencement of this discussion,

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy One of The Makers of Modern India

Immediately he attracted the attention of the House towards a serious problem related to sanitary and environment in Howrah and compelled the State Government to take a concrete step in the matter.

Fundamental Structures of Buddhism: Law of Change and Principle of Self-Reliance

Gautama Buddha desired and expected every human being to reach the heights of life on the basis of harmony of deeds and knowledge.

Nehru’s Commitment to Healthy and Fair Criticism

As far as the question of importance and significance of views or ideas is concerned, I am of the firm opinion that each and every view or idea, in one way or the other and directly or indirectly, remains important.