Thursday, September 29, 2016
Authors Posts by Prophet King Nazir Muhammad

Prophet King Nazir Muhammad

Prophet King Nazir Muhammad is a revolutionary artist and activist who wants to break the stereotype that ancient thinking has placed on all people, and his first concern is with the group in which he belongs.

Black Syientology Church Guarantees “Worldwide Segregation” in 180 Days

Black Syientology is a religion of religions designed to promote many of todays pressing issues, from economics to real-estate enhancement, sexism, racism, raising social...

The 2016 Presidential Election is “Not For Blacks”

For the record, black people have no place in the coming 2016 presidential election between Ms. Clinton and Donald trump. We can just sit...

Are Blacks In Danger of Losing Their Civil Rights?

I want to delve into the psychology of White America's thinking on the subject of, "Are Blacks worthy of Civil Rights?" This is a...

Do Black People Want To Put Whites In Slavery ?

With this article I wanted to open up a public discussion that until now has only been whispered about in the homes of blacks...

A New Religion Exclusively For “Smart” Black Women

Many black women may be unaware that a new religion has been created exclusively for them, but because black power is feared in America...

Let’s Get Real: “Black People Didn’t Love Prince”

I want to sound off on all the hypocrites that are now pretending to mourn Prince, but during his life and career called him...

Did “Jehovah Witness Religion” Kill Prince ?

After the shocking news of the death of the religion of Black Syientology's "purple Prophet," Prince who died on Thursday April 21st, reports have...

Every Black Male Should Become A Criminal

King Nazir Muhammad says crime pays for black men, and he proves it by showing the benefits for black me who want a vacation on the taxpayer's dime.

#Black Lives Don’t Matter – Because ‘We Are Not Human’

All around the world, blacks are victims to mass slaughter, by the hands of other races and by their own people, but this is not new.

Indicting ‘Black America’ for Crimes Against Humanity

The members of the religion of power make it known that a criminal indictment has come down in the form of the last revelation to their Prophet Muhammad.