Thursday, November 23, 2017
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John Kays identifies timeless remnants from our past that will endure, or be admired by future generations.

Documentary ‘Inside Waco’ Reminds Me ‘Apocalypse Ranch’ Strangest Story Ever!

The strangest news event ever encountered during my days on earth would have to be the tragic stand-off between the Branch Davidian cult with the government in Waco, Texas (February 28-April 19th, 1993).

Deep Purple’s ‘Now What?!’ Is a History That Is Both Contemporary...

Deep Purple just released their 19th studio album, 'Now What?!,' produced by Bob Ezrin in Nashville, which proves this '70s progressive rock band are not HASBEENs!

Connect the Dots: Ruby Ridge To Mount Carmel To OK City...

Our minds work in funny ways sometimes, especially when the events are traumatizing and violent, such as these three (unrelated) incidents are.

A Must See Exhibit at the Met, ‘Photography and the American...

An exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Photography and the Civil War (1861-1865), is one I'd love to see, but probably won't, since I live in Austin and can't make it to New York by September 2nd (Exhibit dates: April 2-September 2).

Does the Key to Mike McLelland and Mark Hasse’s Deaths Lie...

With US Attorney Jay Hileman quitting his role of prosecuting the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, might we say the killers of Mike McLelland and Mark Hasse are winning out?

White Supremacist Evan Ebel Shot Dead! Playback His Trail of Destruction.

The Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections Tom Clements, 58, is shot dead, answering the doorbell at his secluded home (in Monument, Colorado) at 8:30 PM Tuesday.

Jacco Gardner’s ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Mines ’60s Psychedelica Uniquely!

You could almost reduce it down to Strawberry Alarm Clock, just to be safe, with Lewis Carroll looking on for ambience, texture, and anti-substance.

Sixto Rodriguez an Over-Night Sensation! ‘Cold Fact’ Simple, Timeless Pop Art!

Simple Art is the Best Art. Sixto Rodriguez's Cold Fact, released in March of 1970 on Sussex, is a nice fit with this maxim. 43 years have passed by, but Cold Fact is still a new release. Why or how?

Why Did African Lion Cous Cous Attack and Kill Intern Dianna...

A 24 year old intern Dianna Hanson has been mauled and killed by an African Lion at Cat Haven, a wildlife center near Fresno, California. Dianna came from Seattle and started a six-month internship at Cat Haven in early January.

Question lingers; What’s the Real Reasons for Pope Benedict XVI’s Abdication?

Pope Benedict XVI has given his farewell speech in St. Peters Square at the Vatican. The pope asked the faithful to pray for both...