Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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John Kays

John Kays identifies timeless remnants from our past that will endure, or be admired by future generations.

Is the Phoenix Serial Street-Shooter Really Hispanic?

I Introduction: The Phoenix 'Serial Street-Shooter' On Thursday, July 14th (Bastille Day), the same day as a horrific terrorist attack on the French Riviera in...

Kaleidoscopic Prisms: The Top-Ten Psychedelic Albums of the 1960s!

The Black Obelisk Even Shows-Up in Dallas, Texas! (Wednesday, 04/20/2016) Attempts to size up what was behind the 'Black Obelisk' (I favor the theory that...

Sizing Up the Rhoden Family Murders

An Obsession With the Rhoden Case Friday, May the 13th, marks a three-week milestone in the unbelievable mass murder of eight members of the Rhoden...

Rhoden Family Massacre of Eight Not Adding Up!

The Murders I first heard about the Rhoden execution-style homicides in Piketon, Ohio, last Friday afternoon (April 23rd), while watching primary coverage on MSNBC. I've...

Austin Martin Launches a New Line of High-End Fashion Fitness Apparel!

Can you be fashionable when making a beeline to the gymnasium to get your daily dose of fitness? Apparently so, according to a rising star in the growing sector of fitness fashion design, Austin Martin (located in Houston, Texas)...

Sleeper Agent’s ‘About Last Night’ Sounds Like British New Wave Pop!

This is my first encounter with Sleeper Agent and I like what I'm hearing so far (and what I'm seeing as well). Sleeper Agent recalls that whole New Wave British Pop Band surge for me, more so than Grunge ala Nirvana.

In ‘Dallas 1963’, We Go Back In Time To Get A...

Dallas 1963, by Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis (12 Twelve), is written as if it's happening right now; how could the authors present the story of Dallas (1960-1963) in just this fashion?

Beach Boys’ ‘Good Vibrations Tour’ DVD Demonstrates the Surf Band’s Timelessness

Brian and his brothers Carl and Dennis Wilson, who are no longer with us, along with cousin Mike Love and a childhood friend of Brian's, Al Jardine, have some carefully guarded secrets in their musical treasure-trove.

Documentary ‘Inside Waco’ Reminds Me ‘Apocalypse Ranch’ Strangest Story Ever!

The strangest news event ever encountered during my days on earth would have to be the tragic stand-off between the Branch Davidian cult with the government in Waco, Texas (February 28-April 19th, 1993).

Deep Purple’s ‘Now What?!’ Is a History That Is Both Contemporary...

Deep Purple just released their 19th studio album, 'Now What?!,' produced by Bob Ezrin in Nashville, which proves this '70s progressive rock band are not HASBEENs!