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Jude Liebermann is a romance novelist, blogger and book reviewer. Contact Jude by visiting her site at

Read Books on Your Phone as Well as Kindle

Being a self-published author, I'm always on the lookout for new ways to sell my books. Kindle is all the craze right now, but there are also other viable options. MobiPocket is one of them.

RWA Challenges Validity of Digital Publishing

Diane Pershing has upset many people when she basically told all digital published authors that they are not career minded and are not considered published because we are not paid an advance for our work.

‘Kept’ Book Review

Both Dayne and Greta are likable as the lead characters in this story. It is a romance, so you know they will become involved. The motivation behind this coupling is handled in a very imaginative and cute way.

The Amityville Horror – then and now – DVD Review

When the The Amityville Horror was released in 1979, it was based on the 1977 book that was supposedly based on true events from 1974. Both the movie and the Lutz family made a lot of money on the successful horror story. Since then, the truth has

Some Like it Wicked – Historical Romance Book Review

Catriona has loved Simon since she was a teenager, which is why she seeks him out years later. She needs to return to Scotland to find her long lost brother, Connor. The reader finds out that Connor sent his younger sister to their uncle after tragi

Knit 1 for The Road Book Review, By Jude Liebermann

The basic premise of this book is that it is ideal for the knitter on the go, and that everyone from beginner to intermediate will find the patterns easy to follow.

Cry Sanctuary Book Review

Overall the book was interesting and flowed well. Its new slant on the werewolf lore was enjoyable. Vampires don't exist, but Wizards do. A part of that magic mixed in with the werewolves, making some of them very strong.

Star Trek Movie: A Bold Move

It was a bold move for anyone to make a new movie with new actors playing those beloved characters. How could they make an original show without trampling on what had been done? They make an alternate reality.

Is Self Publishing Still A Stigma?

How the self publishing industry has grown in the last decade and how bright the future looks for it.