Monday, February 27, 2017
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David Jester

David Jester is the author of An Idiot in Love, This is How You Die and other novels. He writes under three different pen names and when he is not writing fiction or nonfiction, he works as a freelancer.

Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Several years ago, I sold quite a lot of books as a self-published author. I then spent the next 3 years fielding questions from...

Learn How to Save for Your Baby’s Future

A somewhat alarming survey, conducted just a few years ago, calculated that the cost of raising a single child, from infancy to adulthood, was...

Freelancing for a Living: The Online Writer’s Companion

When I was a broke, struggling author, I wanted nothing more than to be published. It wasn't just about the money (although that certainly...

Chelsea Cruise To An Effortless 6-0 Victory Against West Brom

An amazing performance saw League Champions Chelsea round off the opening day of the Premiership with a late afternoon win against West Brom.

Wins For Villa, Blackburn, Wolves And Blackpool On Premier League Opening...

The long wait is finally over and the start of a new Premier League season has begun.

English Premiership Kicks Off With Thrilling Draw Between Man City And...

The Premiership kicked off this afternoon and we were in for a fantastic spectacle after a very disappointing and defensive World Cup which made us forget just how exciting this sport can be when played right.

French Striker Thierry Henry Signs For New York Red Bulls

Ex Arsenal superstar Thierry Henry has moved to America to team up with the New York Red Bulls.

World Cup: Spain New World Champions After Last Ditch ET Winner

Iniesta leaves it late for Spain who win the World Cup in a tough match

World Cup: Germany Finish Third After 3-2 Thriller Against Uruguay

German claim third place in the World Cup after beating Uruguay 3-2 in a fiery and open game.

World Cup: The Holland And Spain Final – Preview And Predictions

The World Cup Final is nearly upon us as the first African World Cup comes to a close with a tough match between Holland and Spain, neither of which have won a World Cup before.