Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Robert Hitchcox is a playwright, critic and fiction author, who reviews live theatre.

Backwater Blues a Rural Frolic

Backwater Blues is a remedy for your blues. A broken-down bus, a gay New York theatre troupe stuck in Toad Lake, Texas - a recipe for a drama, a comedy, or a musical?

Fat Pig a hit at OnStage in Chula Vista

Kym Pappas's direction of Neil LaBute's Fat Pig is flawless. The same cannot be said about the script. What is good about this script is totally believable language.

A Classic is The Dining Room

The Dining Room requires much from the audience. It requires that you are ever attentive. There are 17 scenes, 17 changes of settings, 17 changes of the walls.

Shrew Katharina Tamed At Coronado Playhouse

The cover of the program for The Taming of The Shrew shows it all as the lovely shrew, Katharina (Victoria Mature), clobbers Petruchio (Pete Shaner).

Patio Playhouse Platforms A Shot in the Dark

Dominique is one of those poisonous social climbers that married for money and position. It's easy to dislike her. Anbey gave her absolutely no redeeming qualities. Nice touch.

The Joy Luck Club. . . a Taste of The Chinese...

The second scene, 'Piano Lesson,' is autobiographical. Amy Tan's mother had expectations of her becoming a concern pianist or doctor. That didn't happen!

Lamplighters Summerfest 2008 a Success

Enter the hyper salesman (Michael David Grulli) with his standard pitch. Finally, George wanders out of view and Harriet explores head and foot boards.

The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr a Complete Hit

I drove home in haste, went to my library, pulled out my beloved tome of the complete works of The Bard. I gave a short prayer.

‘The Receptionist’ is a Lot More Than Just a Pretty Face

It is all so mundane. Lorraine Taylor (Jo Anne Glover), who is perennially late for work, has one of the two offices and an undefined job.

Sailor’s Song An Unqualified Hit

I started this review with the admission that Sailor's Song is one of my favorite plays and, if anything, this production surpasses last year's offering.