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Jerome Drexler, inventor of the LaserCard optical memory card, worked at Bell Labs, was a research professor in physics at NJIT, and chief scientist of LaserCard Corp. Drexler is the author of four books on his discovery of the nature of dark matter, dark energy and "dark matter cosmology" of the universe.

Debate Proposal on ‘Dark Matter Searches with Astroparticle Data’

Of the three authors of the paper, T. A. Porter and P. W. Graham are employed by Stanford University and R. P. Johnson is employed by the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Secrets of Dark Matter Exposed

Jerome Drexler, an applied physicist educated through Bell Laboratories, is celebrating the ninth anniversary of his discovery of relativistic-baryon dark matter in early 2002.

LaserCard Corp Biometric Social Security Cards Could Expedite Immigration Reform

The objectives of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch toward comprehensive immigration reform are spelled out by the Partnership for a New American Economy.

Drexler’s Dark Matter Prediction Confirmation Followed His New Book

The article ends with the researchers' discovered findings and conclusions as follows: 'The new results imply that dark matter permeates a galaxy, and is not constrained to exist in the cold outer regions of intergalactic space.'

Drexler Dark Matter Solves Galaxy-Growth Mystery

In these mainstream theoretical models, large galaxies grow through mergers with smaller galaxies, which is a much slower process than the rapid growth rate actually observed recently by astronomers.

Most Large Galaxies Form in a Surprising Way, say Research Groups

The most obvious immediate effect could be a paradigm shift away from the Cold Dark Matter theory of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs).

Cold Dark Matter Theory May Not be Valid

Three leading-edge research groups in the field of galaxy formation have published their findings that most large galaxies have formed and developed without the involvement of galaxy mergers.

Entrepreneurs Launch US Navy’s Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System Radar

S-F-D Laboratories Inc., a Bell Labs microwave power tube spin-off named for its three founders, was established many years ago by Jerome Drexler, Joseph Feinstein, and Joseph A. Saloom and 22 Bell Labs' associates.

Dark Matter Model Amazes: Predicts Galaxy Supercluster Size Limitation

The radius of a proton orbital path is called a Larmor Radius, which is directly proportional to the proton's energy and inversely to the orthogonal (transverse) magnetic field.

Stunted Mass-Growth of Galaxy Clusters Recently Observed by Harvard

Is there a dark energy theory compatible with the supernova-based accelerating expansion of the universe observed in 1998 that also can explain it?