Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Ernest Dempsey is a writer, editor, blogger, and journalist based in Orlando, FL. He runs a popular blog Word Matters! at and edits the journal and its blog Recovering the Self. Dempsey is a skeptic, vegetarian, and advocate for animal and human rights.

Blocking ‘Vaxxed’ Fails Freedom of Expression in US

Freedom of information, or Orwellian control of speech? This is the question for today’s America as we have seen the removal of a revealing...

Marriage, Family Therapist Holli Kenley Launches ‘Another Way Wednesday’ Podcast for...

Marriage and family therapist, Holli Kenley launches a podcast for parents and teens expanding on her educational novel empowering teens to make choices.

Two Children Killed by Measles Vaccine in Kenya, Media Silent

Two Kenyan children in Kenya died after their measles shots, but world media has largely remained quiet about the tragedy, as is often the case with vaccines.

Media Misleads Public on Vaccine-Derived Polio in Ukraine and Mali

In countries where polio vaccine caused thousands of cases of child paralysis, mainstream media never ask about justice for those paralyzed by the vaccine.

Wet Silence: Poetry Drawing Attention to Social Injustice Against Hindu Widows

Sweta Srivastava Vikram publishes her new poetry book Wet Silence: Poems about Hindu Widows, raising concern about the treatment of widowed women by society.

Animal Advocates Protest Needless Killing of Dogs at Gaston County Animal...

People all over the US are protesting the needless killing of dogs at the Gaston County Animal Control in Dallas, NC, with anger directed at a veterinarian.

Billy Had To Move – Children’s Book Review

Ernest Dempsey reviews a children's book. The unusual subject matter is grief management for kids. A child reacts differently to death than adults.

Soul Clothes: A Conversation with Regina D. Jemison

The pages of Regina D. Jemison's poetry are so infused with the spirit of personal empowerment and cultural consciousness that I wanted to learn from her the context of these poems

Cyber Bullying and Blogosphere: Interview with Holli Kenley

Ernest Dempsey interviews author and cyber bullying recovery expert Holli Kenley about the role of blogging in hurting or healing people who use social media

Reena’s Bollywood Dream Book Review

Also, Reena's story shows that one doesn't have to give up on one's dreams because of a bad experience.