Saturday, September 24, 2016
Authors Posts by Clark Isaacs

Clark Isaacs

Clark Isaacs is an accomplished book critic who is published in local newspapers and national book review lists.

SEALS: The US Navy’s Elite Fighting Force Book Review

World War II had Underwater Demolition Technicians (UDT) and these brave men were replaced by inclusion of new duties performed as U S Navy SEALS,

Cold Lonely Courage Book Review

Madeleine used resistance connection to escape capture in her hometown and fleeing to England, she found herself as a new recruit in the British Intelligence force. Training for her was difficult, but she mastered all the techniques to kill by knife

Clark’s Eye on Books Weekly Column ‘Worth Dying For’ by Janet...

Grabbing attention from the opening pages of any novel is very difficult. Mastering that technique is critical and Janet Litherland does it with style.

The Zookeepers Wife Book Review

Jan and Antonia managed the well-known zoo, which had a reputation of being one of the greatest zoos in Europe. The zoo was bombed during the invasion by the Germans and that created massive destruction.

More Money, Please Book Review

This book is an excellent gift for the graduate of college or high school.

‘Dreamlander’ Book Review

She has many followers who listen to her podcasts, take her courses on writing, and faithfully read her blog, 'Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors.'

The Best Things You Can Eat Book Review

A collection of all the good things which are available for health and just plain enjoyment in eating

New Book Gives a Quick Fix to Shed Pounds This Spring!

#1 Diet Plan endorsement by US News & World Report. Lower Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and lose weight.

Picking Cotton Book Review

The story is very compelling as the victim, Jennifer Thomson-Cannino remained positive in her identification of the rapist. She always felt he was the man and all during this time tried to keep in her memory his features, his actions, because someda

Road Trip Book Review

Fantasy/fiction book by an outstanding author who publishes her sequel to a very successful first book. Interesting from start to finish!