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60 nations operate satellites and continue to benefit from space activities but there are downsides to this system, with serious risks from space junk.
03:30 Dec 7, 2015
The closed-system that is earth, prevents any external factors from increasing global warming.
00:01 Nov 22, 2015
Ceres, the largest planet/asteroid in the Asteroid Belt, shows some major surprises, Kevin Roeten says, after reviewing NASA data.
16:16 Nov 10, 2015
How long has Saturn been showing its hexagon on the North Pole? We don't know. The mysterious hexagonal storm system was revealed in true color by Cassini.
15:36 Jul 14, 2015
Light from Ceres, the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt signifies something, but we don't know what that something is, yet.
19:02 May 30, 2015
Thousands of asteroids orbit our solar system. NASA labels the most dangerous Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. The Oort Cloud continually supplies asteroids.
04:33 Apr 12, 2015
The most famous Hubble photograph, The Pillars of Creation has been updated in spectacular new format.
06:32 Jan 14, 2015
Kevin Roeten says we can take an amazing ride on a time machine, with only a look at the nighttime sky, at our nearby lunar satellite.
12:30 Dec 13, 2014
Analysis of the 2012 data which resulted in the proof of the Higgs Boson has shown two new particles in the Proton Neutron family but built with strange quarks. You can join the research project!
10:43 Nov 27, 2014
Comets have been harbingers of doom practically forever but, unlike asteroids or NEOs (Near Earth Objects), we actually know very, very little about them. That will soon change thanks to Rosetta.
12:57 Sep 15, 2014
Dark matter can't be seen, says Kevin Roeten, but the evidence says it is there, according to researchers using data from the orbiting Fermi Telescope.
12:29 Aug 31, 2014
Just released today by NASA we learned that just before the last Summer Olympics a solar event nearly destroyed all communications and power grids.
16:16 Jul 25, 2014
Dark matter plays off of dark energy. Did you know our universe is made up of 27 percent of 'Dark Matter?'
06:50 Jun 9, 2014
Kevin Roeten writes about spacetime and life, in which the galaxy housed seven completely different races per Star Trek lore.
13:40 Apr 4, 2014
Every close flyby alters an asteroid's orbit for a closer flyby or collision.
16:43 Mar 9, 2014
Asteroids (from the Greek for star) have and will cause mass extinctions on the Earth yet the U.S.'s NASA and other governments are doing little to prevent this inevitable disaster, the only major threat to the entire planet which humans could actu
22:06 Feb 22, 2014
Four seasons have passed and half the original characters of The Walking Dead have met with horrible endings. What does Norman Reedus (as Daryl Dixon) think about that?
03:53 Jan 15, 2014
Up to 2012, nobody's seen a perfect hexagonal outline on a planetary pole before.
12:35 Nov 10, 2013
One needs to open his mind when understanding more than 3 dimensions.
18:00 Jul 23, 2013
Noctilucent Clouds actually result in the exact opposite of AGW.
19:41 Jul 3, 2013

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