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Somali pirates were well-organized criminals exploiting the horrible deterioration of the country.
22 hours ago
In 2014, efforts to silence the independent media have been brutally effective, including politically motivated deaths; imprisonments and other attacks.
4 days ago
It has not yet been determined whether this was an accident, or a Suicide bomber. Bombers usually use private cars, and civilians are tired of the endless dramas.
5 days ago
Muslims say any image of the Prophet Muhammad is an attack on their religion following what happened in Paris. Many people were shocked by the terror attacks on the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo. Frenc
5 days ago
Sheikh Sharif Sayid Ali Sharif Nurow Amin was shot dead while on his way from a large mosque in Baidoba after Maghrib prayers. No one has yet claimed responsibility.
6 days ago
If you are visiting Somalia try not to use Swahili, but use Somali and English, or you will find yourself in trouble, as these people did.
6 days ago
Somali government started major steps forward in the beginning by putting stringent measures in place to prevent Ebola from entering the horn of African coastal country
7 days ago
Foreign ministers and the representatives from African countries arrived at Aden-Ade Mogadishu airport for the Intergovernmental Authority on Development in Africa meeting.
05:04 Jan 13, 2015
The farmer, a former poacher and now training farmers to be food self-reliant, provided information on the movement of illegal wildlife by traffickers.
14:24 Jan 10, 2015
30 people were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a cultural center celebration organized by Houthis, a dominant Muslim group in the city.
05:29 Jan 2, 2015
In 2013, internal political fighting turned bloody on the streets of Juba in clashes between Dinka and Nuer soldiers. The deadly event Became a massive ethnic and armed conflict, unleashing a wave of targeted attacks on civilians.
04:35 Dec 22, 2014
(CNS): It is not only about preventing new births of thalassemic infants; about chelation, about blood transfusion and about availability of services needed; but also about preventing complications related to Thalassaemia.
11:50 Dec 18, 2014
A new report by Corporate Accountability International uncovers how the World Bank uses ponzi-style marketing tactics to sell privatization projects around the globe that it is positioned to profit from.
03:02 Dec 14, 2014
TB is a crisis of epidemic proportions. In 2013, TB killed 1.5 million people out of the estimated 9.0 million people who developed it.
06:04 Dec 12, 2014
Globally, 370,000 million children are married every day. By 2020, an additional 142 million girls will be married before their 18th birthday.
22:21 Dec 5, 2014
Three bomb explosions were cited in and around the mosque. The militants also opened fire on worshipers. Around 400 people were wounded.
17:52 Nov 29, 2014
We have to find these missing people by reaching out to them as they are not coming to us on their own for a variety of reasons. We have to get them diagnosed and put on treatment. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organization
04:30 Nov 26, 2014
The journey from Beijing to Bangkok has been strenuous as well as rewarding. So it was in the fitness of things that a plenary session at the Asia Pacific Civil Society Forum on Beijing+20, organized by the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Devel
13:51 Nov 19, 2014
The Asian Century is underwritten by the exploitation of women, - Erwiana shares her lived experience of the struggle against oppression as a migrant worker.
16:19 Nov 16, 2014
Bobby Ramakant says eliminating malaria from the Asia Pacific region in the next 15 years is an ambitious goal, a bold move by strong leadership on health security.
22:31 Nov 15, 2014

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